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Dometic is the undisputed number one in the USA when it comes to RV refrigerators, freezers and coolers. More RVs are equiped with a refrigerator by Dometic than any other brand, and there is a good reason for this.

Dometic invented RV refrigeration in the 1950s and has been perfecting it ever since--always with an eye on giving RVers an extra edge in freshness and convenience. Dometic refrigerators are designed to make the best use of the available storage space. The Versatile Racking System (TM), eye-level control panels and automatic locking system that securely locks the refrigerator doors as you turn the ignition key make all the difference when you hit the road.

The Dometic refrigeration line offers a product that suits every type and size of RV. Choose from two- to 12-cubic foot capacity models that all come with a variety of the high-quality, innovative features you've come to expect from Dometic. Trotter's RV can help you with any size you need.

We have many sizes and options available. Here are a few examples:

DM 2652 Americana - Americana Double Doors fridge, Reliable Convenience
The Americana RM2652 is at the head of the Dometic double door family of refrigerators. Solid steel frame construction, improved electronic controls, and a 2 year warranty help make this one of the best built and best backed RV refrigerators on the road - all at an affordable price.

Versatile racking system 3 position freezer shelf
Removable door bins 2-liter and 1/2 gallon door storage
One gallon container shelf storage
Shelf and juice rack on freezer door
Two crispers 2-way operation
Eye-level automatic electronic controls
Doors open 180 degrees
Positive door lock handles
Black frame
Color: Black or taupe frame
Accepts 2 insert panels

NDA 1402 SideWise - SideWise Auto Defrost Refrigerator
SideWise is the first and only RV refrigerator available with true autodefrost. Never chip away ice dams again with this feature. Dual digital readouts let you monitor both refrigerator and freezer temperatures.

Dramatic new design increases freezer space by 35% over the largest competitive models. Advanced insulation technology frees up more inside space without increasing exterior dimensions.

NDA 1402 is available with wood panel inserts or in black or gray stainless steel finishes.

Capacity-maximizing configuration
Doors open a full 180 degrees
Versatile interior and easy to clean
VRS versatile racking system provides maximum storage flexibility
Adjustable shelf guards keep items in place
Lighted fresh food compartment
Slide-out shelf in fresh food side
Door racks are adjustable with Magic Fingers to keep items secure
Standard crispers, egg tray, and meat locker
Built-in icemaker
Defrost water drain system
Tip-out door bins in freezer

RM 2351 Americana - Americana Single Door fridge – A Better Value
Contemporary single-door model with 2-way power option offer plenty of choices to fit virtually every need. Optional door insert panels ensure that an Americana refrigerator complements any décor. Eye-level electronic controls automatically adjust the temperature inside to maintain consistent cooling, regardless of the temperature outside.

Easy to use top controls
1/2 gallon container shelf storage
2-way power
Also available with 3-way power, see model RM2354
Color: Black frame, accepts insert pane
Automatic electronic LP ignition system turns on power quickly
3 door bins hold items securely
Adjustable door bins add storage flexibility
Defrost water drain system makes cleaning easy
Top manual controls with Piezo LP ignition system make operation simple and easy

RM 2554 Americana - Maximum Refrigeartor Space In A Small Footprint
This 5 cu. ft. model has all the features of the RM 2551, with the addition of 3-way power selection. This means fully automatic controls, large door bins, deep shelf space and a modern integrated exterior design profile.

Top mounted controls
Positive lock door handles
Adjustable, removable door bins
One gallon container shelf storage
Defrost water drain system
Adjustable coated white shelves in fresh food compartment
Choice of black or taupe frame

Portable Ice Maker - At home or on the go, take your cold with you!
Dometic makes it possible for you to have ice were you want it and when you want it.

Once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Fast, efficient ice production is yours for entertaining at backyard picnics or on-the-go events at the park, lake or ball game.

Coolboxes and Freezers - Dometic Lightweight Coolboxes and Portable Freezers
Whether looking for on-the-go freezer options, or convenient lightweight coolers, Dometic offers a portable option for you.

Smart and stylish, Dometic's line of coolers keep food and drink cool on the go. One more way that Dometic lets you answer the call of the open road in comfort.

CoolFreeze CDF-11 - Portable cooler for refrigeration and deep-freezing
The CoolFreeze CDF-11, which is suitable for deepfreezing, represents a new era in the world of compressor coolers. And that in a size which previously seemed impossible. As incredibly compact as a thermoelectric BordBar and therefore an optimum fit – in corners, cabinets and in (towing) vehicles – strapped in on the passenger or rear seat.

10.5 litre volume, refrigeration and deep-freezing down to –18°C, regardless of high ambient temperatures. Only 8.8 kg in weight, and the shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry. DC connection cable.

Electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
3-stage battery monitor
LED interior light
Adjustable shoulder strap
2 integrateddrink holders
Easy and secure fastening with vehicle safety belt
Colour: pale grey/dark grey
Insulation: CFC-free polyurethane foam

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